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Robert Floyd discusses the latest market news on BNN at 4pm on Wednesday, Dec. 20th.

BNN speaks with Robert Floyd, president and lead manager at BirchLeaf Investments, who says there will be a short-term selloff once Trump's tax plan is officially adopted. He also discusses how the grocery sector will be impacted after Loblaw and George Weston admitted to price-fixing, and BlackBerry's latest earnings. Click here to watch this interview.

Asset Allocation for 2011

As we approach the end of 2010, the investment environment has changed dramatically. Bonds that have been viewed as the quintessential safe haven in these tumultuous markets are showing negative returns.  

Can you imagine a bond return with a negative sign beside it?  In fact bond returns have been looking weak for a few months now.  November returns for bondholders will start to reflect the true damage that has taken place in this asset class.

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