Fees & Where do my monies reside

Where do my monies reside?

We manage assets but we do not hold them. A custodian holds your assets.

A custodian is typically a financial institution that is responsible for safeguarding your assets. Your assets are held on the custody side of that financial institutions’ business. The reason for using a custodian is because there are safeguards in place to protect your monies. We have a relationship with some custodians that offer competitive rates for custodial services.

In certain circumstances a few banks permit external money managers to manage client’s assets on a discretionary basis through a clients’ existing brokerage account(s).

Consult with us for further details.

Fee Schedule:

Our fee structure is extremely competitive.

For discretionary accounts there are several types of fees that you will need to be aware of.

  • Management Fees – are the fees that are paid to manage your assets.
  • Custodian Fees – are the fees that the custodian charges to hold your assets and maintain financial records for your account.
  • Trading Fees – are the costs that are incurred as a result of ongoing transactions in your account.
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